Why use a Mortgage Broker?


As mortgage brokers, we have access to 30 plus lenders and their products, which enables us to obtain the most favorable rates and options for your needs. We will work with you to find customized mortgage solutions tailored to you. Our goal is to obtain a mortgage with the best rate and features, based on your credit application.

A broker saves you time, effort and money by having direct access to lenders with the right product for you at a competitive price. Shopping for mortgages can be time consuming and frustrating if you do it yourself. A broker will often step in to negotiate terms and conditions that are more favorable to you than those you would receive by working directly with the lender.

Mortgage brokers work for you, not the bank. Their advice is impartial and based on what is in your best interest. Brokers can provide financing that is customized to your needs. Any one lender has a limited number of programs to offer. In contrast, a mortgage broker who represents dozens of lenders and virtually hundreds of mortgage programs can customize a program to the borrower’s specific needs and not be limited to the underwriting guidelines of one particular lender.


Being turned down by one bank doesn’t mean you’ll never get a mortgage. There are lenders offering competitive interest rates, which may not have a presence in the community in which you live. Brokers also have access to private funds.

Mortgage brokers work with the consumer to arrange financing that best suits their needs and it usually doesn’t cost the consumer any fees. Brokers are paid a finders fee by the lender for placing the mortgage with them. A brokerage fee usually only applies if the mortgage application doesn’t fit standard qualifications and the lender willing to grant the mortgage is in the business of higher risk lending.

Mortgage brokers belong to such organizations as:

• the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC)

• the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP)   who are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of ethics and business practices.

The mortgage industry in Canada is in constant change. New options are always being offered by lenders making us your best option for your mortgage requirements.