Buckle Up: A broker really helps in an uncertain market

There have been several substantial changes in the mortgage market in the last year that have made it more difficult to get a mortgage in Canada. And it’s never been more important to have expert and timely advice on your mortgage, and access to as many options as possible.

The new mortgage guidelines from the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) have made it more difficult to qualify for a mortgage at federally regulated financial institutions. that’s why there’s a surge of interest in non-traditional lenders: those that are not subject to federal regulations. We are trained to scout out these options, which is why a whole generation of savvy homebuyers are looking beyond traditional lenders to explore the full range of choices available.

If you’re concerned about how changing rules and a shifting market might impact your financial plans, this is the time to talk.

Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing or renewing your mortgage, we can help.

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